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HMRC identify and target areas where they believe tax is at risk. Tax Enquiries typically originate from sophisticated software, which cross matches a wide range of data sources and identifies anomalies for investigation. HMRC also carry out random Enquiries, meaning any tax return can be selected for either an Enquiry or Investigation.


Your HMRC tax investigations and enquiries

HMRC investigations are time consuming, stressful and costly. They cause disruption even if you or your business are fully compliant.

Investigations can last for many months and the best defence is to engage professional representation from your accountant from the outset. This ensures a robust response, as dealing with HMRC on your own can, in our experience, often makes matters worse. Professional representation will incur additional accountancy fees and these fees will still be due regardless of the investigation outcome.

Our tax insurance can provide you with our professional representation whilst safeguarding you from the cost of our accountancy fees associated with a tax enquiry or investigation.

Why choose Samuels?

Gain access to our extensive expertise in dealing with HMRC, at minimal cost.

  • No Accountancy Fees

    Avoid potentially costly professional fees

  • Experienced Negotiator

    Over 30 years of experience in dealing with HMRC

  • Cost Effective

    Comprehensive service without keeping an eye on a budget

  • Robust response

    Considered and direct communications with HMRC

  • Professional representation

    Early conclusion and mitigation of additional tax more likely

  • Reduced stress

    Minimise disruption and be supported at every stage


Our approach to your enquiry or investigation

With over 30 years of experience in dealing with HMRC we are well placed to provide you with the best chance of bringing the matter to an early conclusion, while mitigating any additional tax that may be due.

Our aim is to minimise your stress, reduce disruption and save you money. In the unfortunate event that you are selected for investigation you can relax safe in the knowledge that there will be no additional accountancy fees to pay, subject to policy conditions.

We will protect you or your business financially from the costs involved in HMRC investigations. You can be sure that the required work can be performed without worrying about fees, which can be covered by insurers.


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