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Forensic Research

We are independent forensic accountants and investment researchers, with extensive fraud investigation experience. Our expertise enables us to uncover hidden, potential discrepancies and risk areas in company financials, which can ultimately determine the success or failure of an investment.


Detailed company analysis

We assess the quality and sustainability of company earnings and reported cash flows. We utilise our extensive forensic accounting experience to identify hidden weaknesses in company financials, whether due to accounting re-statements, exceptional items or off-balance sheet obligations. We can review performance against stated KPIs, operational metrics and the corporate governance environment.

Our team of highly qualified individuals, with globally recognised qualifications, combines investment research and specialist financial accounting skills to provide our clients with quality and trustworthy information, to enable better informed decision making.

As registered auditors, we are well-placed to review financial statements and assess company disclosures in detail, bringing nuanced accounting disclosures to our client’s attention. We highlight areas of potential concern and indicators of deteriorating fundamentals before they pose a threat to our clients’ investments, or conversely, an opportunity.

Why choose Samuels?

Our extensive forensic accounting experience enables us to provide reliable company analysis with clear and concise findings.

  • Experienced Team

    Specialist investment research and forensic accounting skills

  • Bespoke Service

    Tailored scope and customised company analysis

  • Fraud Investigations

    Established fraud detection strategies

  • Reduce Risk

    Protect your interests and minimise potential downside

  • Better Decisions

    Quality analysis to make more informed investment decisions

  • Qualified Auditors

    Authorised by the ICAEW


Our approach to your research needs

When making sizeable investments, an informed second opinion can be invaluable. We strive to become a trusted extension of our clients’ operations, by providing them with a strong foundation for better investment decisions. We enable our clients to focus on their specialisms, through reliable company analysis and due diligence.

We provide a client-led bespoke service, delivering customised company analysis and due diligence. The scope of our analysis can be tailored to focus on specific aspects of a target company or to provide an overarching review that encompasses a multitude of factors.

As experienced forensic accountants and fraud investigators we understand the importance of confidentiality and the potential implications of information leakage. We ensure the utmost discretion is applied at all times.


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