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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique, leading to swift resolutions, at times of conflict or dispute, at a fraction of the cost of litigation. We specialise in this area and have a success record of over 95% of mediations being resolved within a day.


Your dispute resolution

Litigation is an expensive route to take when trying to resolve disputes. The outcomes are uncertain, and the costs are often higher than you think, even if you win. Mediation offers a cheaper, faster and often less stressful experience with more acceptable outcomes.

Our Mediation service is a voluntary and confidential process, where a trained neutral mediator actively assists individuals and/or organisations in reaching acceptable agreements for all parties.

A mediation can be held at any point, before or during court proceedings and is always a more cost-effective method of dispute resolution. The process is non-binding until an agreement is reached. It is conducted on a ‘without prejudice’ basis, which means anything discussed cannot be produced in court, even if legal proceedings follow. Final resolutions are legally binding when put in writing and signed by all parties.

Why choose Samuels?

We achieve positive outcomes, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Qualified Mediator

    Experienced Qualified Dispute Resolver (QDR)

  • Success Rate

    Over 95% of disputes resolved within a day, with positive feedback.

  • Neutral & Impartial

    A fair, constructive & confidential environment

  • Cost Effective

    Avoid lengthy and expensive legal representation

  • Remove Stress

    Reach a mutually acceptable agreement swiftly

  • Resolve Difficult Disputes

    Innovative and Out of the Box thinking


Achieve a mutually beneficial outcome

We inspire confidence in all parties with our complete impartiality and quality of service. Whether your dispute is related to divorce, business/partnership, insurance or commercial, we have the skills to resolve it.

We facilitate both face to face and virtual meetings with the parties, ultimately enabling mutually acceptable agreements. As the “process experts” we help parties avoid lengthy and expensive legal costs.

Our Founder and Senior Partner, Sam Narula, is an experienced Qualified Dispute Resolver (QDR) and has mediated in many disputes, both personal and commercial. His positive facilitation techniques and ability to communicate in an simple manner have resulted in over 95% of his mediations settling within a day or shortly thereafter. He is able to address the real issues behind any conflict, providing a constructive environment for positive outcomes.


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