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Samuels LLP have over 30 years of experience assisting clients, solicitors, the CPS and law enforcement in fraud investigations and providing expert reports. Our expertise also includes providing expert evidence in civil and criminal courts.


Your fraud investigation needs

We have the expertise to quickly understand the dangers and issues which can negatively affect you where fraud is suspected. Our experience and expertise is invaluable in guiding you through what is often a challenging time.

We can gather, assimilate, analyse and present relevant financial and related evidence in a clear digestible manner which is court and legal advisor friendly, so that we help minimise your costs in any investigation.

Why choose Samuels?

We have extensive experience in fraud investigations. Our Senior Partner formerly served on New Scotland Yard's Fraud Panel.

  • Experienced Financial Investigator

    Senior Partner has years of experience and is a former expert for New Scotland Yard Fraud Panel.

  • Expert Analysis

    Our analysis techniques provide clear and concise evidence of our findings.

  • Court Compliant

    Our reports for civil or criminal cases are procedures rules compliant. We are highly experienced at giving expert testimony.

  • Expert Forensic Reports

    All reports are Academy of Experts best practice compliant and easy to understand.

  • Simplify Complex Frauds

    Complicated cover ups are revealed and made clear.

  • Liaise with Legal Teams

    We work very well with your solicitors and barristers saving you time and money.


Our approach to your fraud problems

Our meticulous and professional approach to collating, analysing and extracting all relevant available evidence, while presenting it in a clear and concise Expert forensic reports has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry.

Our skills in presenting financial evidence, together with liaising with legal teams allows us to help achieve the evidential presentation of your case. We have the expertise to see this through in civil or criminal cases by giving expert evidence in court, where our skills can be critical in presenting your case.


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