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Civil and criminal matters often require a Forensic Accountant or Expert Witness report. We have been preparing Expert reports and giving Expert testimony in various categories of courts for over 30 years. Our Senior Partner, Sam Narula, is renowned for his extensive experience in this area of expertise, having formerly served on New Scotland Yard's Fraud Panel and as Deputy Chairman of the Academy of Experts.


Forensic investigations and expert reports

We provide specialist financial investigation skills to businesses and individuals both in the UK and overseas. We are highly experienced forensic financial investigators, who have even trained law enforcement officers. We know exactly what to look for and where, especially if you have been a victim or are accused of something you need to either prove or disprove.

Investigation is only part of the work. Once evidence is gathered, it is critical to prepare a robust and defendable Expert Witness Report, which can be probed in court. Furthermore, liaising with legal teams takes skill and is essential for favourable outcomes.

Civil and Criminal procedures rules, evidence, expert opinions, trial procedures and the presentation of expert testimony have become increasingly complex, but we have the expertise to deal with all aspects.

Why choose Samuels?

We are experienced Experts who understand the needs of all parties, especially Solicitors and Barristers.

  • Experienced Expert

    High profile cases with domestic and international experience

  • Expert Analysis of Data

    Specialist financial investigation skills

  • Oral Evidence

    Experienced court appearances, supported by robust Expert reports

  • Civil Matters

    CPR and Commercial Disputes with High Court experience

  • Criminal Matters

    CrPR and POCA with Old Bailey and Southwark Crown Court experience

  • Value for Money

    Incisive thinking and quality reports


What we offer you..

We can offer you an initial consultation, free of charge, to demonstrate how incisive our thinking is to any problem you may put before us. We tailor our advice and approach to your specific needs, while guiding you and your legal team in all financially related aspects of your case.

By providing an objective assessment and preparing high quality detailed reports based on focused work, we regularly meet the highest expectations, as well as providing value for money. Our work can then translate into giving exceptional Expert Witness evidence in court if required, which can make or break your case.


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