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We cater for every financial need and as part of that we consider if it is beneficial for you to contribute into a pension plan as part of a long-term strategy, not something you think about just before you retire. Whether you have left it late or are just getting started, it is essential to ensure financial security in your retirement planning.


Your retirement planning

Will you be able to retire when you want to?

This is a frequently pondered question during our working lives. Whilst no-one knows for sure exactly how many years they will need to plan for in their retirement, the financial challenges you could face are considerably greater if you do not plan appropriately in advance. It is essential to start planning as soon as feasible given your own circumstances.

The new pension freedoms have transformed the pension landscape and have provided more choice than ever before in shaping retirement plans to best meet individual needs and circumstances.

Why choose Samuels?

We understand your retirement needs, while retaining sufficient assets for your long-term welfare.

  • Long-term Strategies

    Assistance in achieving your goals

  • Financial Security

    Enjoying the rewards of a lifetime's work on retirement

  • Bespoke Planning

    Tailored advance to ensure a financially sound retirement

  • Maximise Contributions

    Advice on how to maximise your pension contributions

  • Tax Efficient

    Utilise pension contributions to manage your tax liability

  • Wealth Management

    A holistic approach to financial wellbeing


Why we can help

Pensions can be complex with so many considerations, including family circumstances, pension regulation and tax legislation, which are ever-changing.

Whatever your situation, we can help arrange bespoke retirement planning that is appropriate to your needs to ensure a financially sound retirement.

In particular, we advise on how best to maximise your contributions into your pension plan at every stage throughout your life, from your first working day up to your retirement day and beyond. For active retirees, too, enjoying the rewards of a lifetime's work, we can assist you to achieve your aims, so that you can continue to enjoy life to the full.


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