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When you are considering any life assurances, mortgage cover or other protection type policies, we can help by reviewing the whole market for you. Given our experience, we can advise on the nuances of the protection market that could make significant differences to your ongoing costs and potential pay outs. Our clients tend to engage us for more than one service at the same time, in a holistic approach to financial wellbeing.


Protection for you and your family

Considering the longer-term strategy for protection insurance, whether it is personal, family or business-related, can be the key to securing your financial future. Often people take out an insurance policy in order to protect themselves in the event of something bad happening. We don't want it to happen, but a degree of cover goes some way to alleviate concerns.

We evaluate the most appropriate insurance products on the market for your particular circumstances, rather than any 'off the shelf' cover available online. This ensures that you are paying the most cost-effective premium for the right product, in line with your evolving personal circumstances.

Why choose Samuels?

We advise and carefully consider your protection needs, particularly life assurance.

  • Financial Protection

    Alleviate concerns and obtain some level of security

  • Market Review

    Review of available products given your particular circumstances

  • Cost-effective Premiums

    Bespoke products rather than 'off the shelf' cover

  • Policies Explained

    Understand the terminology and restrictive conditions of policies

  • Dynamic Advice

    Tailored advice that keeps up with the changing stages of life

  • Market Experience

    Advice on the nuances of the protection market


What type of cover might be appropriate?

Whether you are looking for life cover, mortgage protection, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, ‘Key Person’ business insurance cover, or a combination of these, we can provide the research and match your needs to the most appropriate product.

We can help you to understand the terminology and restrictive conditions of the various plans available to suit your specific requirements.

We are here to assist throughout the changing stages of life, for personal, family and business requirements, from marriage, through your working life, to retirement and beyond, so you don’t have to worry.


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