Dispute / Mediation Services

Samuels offer structured dispute resolution processes as an impartial third party entity.

We meet with the disputants to identify the issues, explore options and clarify goals.

Samuels facilitates face to face meetings with the parties, ultimately assisting them to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, avoiding lengthy and expensive legal representation. As the “process experts” Samuels will help the parties agree efficiently and effectively whether in divorce, business/partnership, insurance/reinsurance and commercial disputes.

Sam Narula (Senior Partner of Samuels LLP) is an experienced Mediator having mediated on a number of disputes both personal and commercial, with some 90% of the mediation parties settling on the day or shortly thereafter. Sam has the ability to address the real issues behind any conflict and he provides a constructive environment for positive outcomes.

His positive negotiation techniques and his ability to communicate in an easy manner and facilitative style, help people to find a solution they are satisfied with and the feedback he has received is overwhelmingly positive.

Examples where our mediation services have led to disputes being resolved without the need for legal action:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Commercial litigations
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Non-financial disputes